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Saturday - January 25, 2020 
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Sustainable company is turning cigarette butts and smartphones into furniture

13 September 2017 – Upcycling trash into treasure isn’t a new concept, with backpacks made from old cars, coffee cups made from coffee, and craft beer made from recycled human pee all in production right now.

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Liquidity Services Jim Rallo Appointed to Reverse Logistics Association Board of Advisors

@liquidityincs Jim Rallo Appointed to @RL_Association Board of Advisors #ReverseLogistics

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Can We Make New Phones from Nothing But Old Ones?

12 September 2017 – As if saying hello, the robot arm waves an iPhone at you. Then, in a few swift maneuvers, the arm and a suite of machinery begin dismantling the phone. First goes the outer casing. Next are the screws and other metal parts, dropping into neat piles. Meet Liam, says the voice-over on Apples promotional video. Like most things from Apple, Liam looks pretty cool.

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Navigating Reverse Logistics in an E-commerce World

Most think of the supply chain as a forward-moving process with one end goalgetting product into the customers hands. But the growth of e-commerce and greater consumer awareness has created new challenges not only in moving a product forward but also backward. The days of a linear supply chain have long passed, making way for a circular economy, where your supply chains reverse logistics are just as important as its forward motion.

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Reverse Logistics: Earning a High Rate of Return

23 August 2017 – Are you ready to pay attention to the benefits a reverse logistics program can bring to your enterprise? Here are two expert perspectives on the opportunities that will make a difference in reverse logistics programs and how to establish goals to optimize those benefits.

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